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Staten Evictions Landlord Attorney

Many crises come up when dealing with leasing or renting land or property in Staten Island, New York. Some of these issues go to the extent of evictions. Therefore, you need to hire a professional Staten Island evictions attorney to get legal assistance.

Some tenants do not pay their rent on time, while others are disrespectful. You need to hire a reliable Staten Island eviction attorney if you have such a tenant on your property and want them out. Regarding this, here are tips for choosing a Staten Island evictions attorney.

Do Your Research

Doing your homework is one of the best ways to choose a reputable eviction lawyer in Staten Island, New York. In fact, you need to check the list of eviction attorneys in the state bar association. You can search for informative websites on the Internet to find the best lawyer. Also, you can ask your work colleagues, friends, and family for lists of eviction attorneys that you can contact.

Check Previous cases

Before choosing an eviction lawyer:

  • Make sure they specialize in landlord-tenant law.

  • Please inquire about the number of landlord and tenant cases they have handled in the past and won.

  • Make sure you choose a Staten Island eviction lawyer who has worked with landlords and tenants. You can check the attorney reviews and testimonials to ascertain the validity of this information.

Check Availability

You do not want to choose an eviction lawyer who is too busy and cannot help you win the case. Try to select a Staten Island eviction attorney who has enough time to assess your situation, represent you in court and attend all hearings on your behalf. Remember that because an attorney does not have many clients like the experienced ones doesn’t make them less experience. 

Check Qualification

A qualified eviction attorney is certified and licensed to carry out their services. Your chosen eviction lawyer must have graduated from a reputable law school and understands all the eviction laws in Staten Island. Don’t choose an eviction lawyer that doesn’t know what they are arguing about. Make sure the lawyer is well conversant and qualified to argue in your favor.

Consider Cost 

Before hiring an eviction attorney, make sure you inquire about the fees and billing payment procedures. Interviewing eviction several lawyers will widen your options because different lawyers have different ways of billing. This will let you go for an eviction attorney that offers an easy way to pay the fees. Ask for any hidden charges about their service to avoid disappointments.

Choose Stark Law PLLC

If you are currently dealing with a problematic tenant and you want that tenant evicted, the eviction attorney at Stark Law PLLC can get you legal help. We are a full-service landlord-tenant law firm in New York. We’ll be delighted to help you when you choose us to become your Staten Island eviction attorney.

Contact us today at 718-792-1200 to procure a free consultation and speak to one of our Staten Island evictions attorneys.

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