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Staten Island Landlord Attorney

Whether you are a new landlord or a seasoned property owner, a time will come when you will likely need legal advice to settle tenant-landlord issues. Disputes between a landlord and a tenant take many forms, including non-payment of rent, repair, and upkeep issues. As a property owner, being informed of your right will help avoid frustrations and save money.  A landlord attorney is a valuable resource when solving issues surrounding tenant and landlord rights. They are a good investment worth your money and time. They will help you draft a lease agreement and processes eviction, among other services.


Finding a lawyer in Staten Island or anywhere in New York City could be tricky, but with a few factors in check, you can find a good Staten Island landlord representation tenant lawyer in NYC.

Five Tips On What to Look For When Choosing a Landlord Tenant Lawyer

Team Player with a Good Record of Accomplishment

Choose a lawyer who works well with others, empathizes with your needs, and has professional reviews to back their record of accomplishment. You can ask friends or your connections about lawyers for landlords in Staten Island or anywhere in New York City that they have worked with. 


Good communication must be there for availability and compatibility. It is easy for communication to go out of touch in between paper works and meetings. A good lawyer should establish proactive communication from the start. The two of you should discuss your form of communication and the hours it will take. This will be good to ensure none of you misses a call or meetings. The attorney should also create time to explain all complicated matters related to your case and offer suggestions to enable you to make the right decisions. 


Choose an attorney with experience. You can find information about their practice by checking on their firms’ website or simply asking them. Ensure their experience matches your situation and your budget. Asking questions will give you a hint on their experience, communication skills, and if they can be of help to you. 

Compatibility and Availability

A lawyer’s character plays a significant role in your decision. If they are trustworthy and have respect, it will make you feel comfortable working with them. In addition, a lawyer who works hard is thoughtful in the process, and is with good judgment is a valuable asset.

They should also have enough time to commit to your case. Ask them about their caseload. When can they take on another one? Avoid lawyers with hectic schedules. 


Most important is the fee for legal services for landlords. What is your budget? Ask for a quote and information about their billing process. Ask for hidden charges because many quotes do not include such fees. 

If not satisfied, you can ask around until you find the right lawyer who fits within your budget. Before settling for any lawyer, ensure the terms of payment are clear to avoid surprises. Ask for a written agreement to confirm the costs.

Choose your attorney wisely. Apart from entrusting them to give you the best legal advice and guide you, you will be sharing confidential information with them. 

Please contact Stark Law PLLC, NY's leading landlord-tenant law firm, and request a free consultation today: 866-325-6089

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