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Once a tenant and landlord enter a rent agreement, the law delegates some specific responsibilities and rights to both the landlord and the tenant. Irrespective of the circumstance, it is crucial to understand that the only legal way you can pursue an eviction case in Bronx NY is via the legal system and Courts, and also with the help of an eviction lawyer in the Bronx so call 866-325-6089.

Security Deposits

A security deposit is money a tenant gives to the property manager or landlord when they move into the property. This money must be given back to the tenant when their lease ends, except the landlord or the property manager has a tangible reason not to return the money.

Eviction Lawyer In Bronx NY: What You Need To Know About Tenant And Landlord Law

There are some reasons why a landlord may decide to hold back the security deposit. Some of those reasons include the tenant’s inability to pay all the required rent, when the tenant has not paid for all the utilities, or when the tenant damaged some of the facilities in the house beyond normal wear and tear.

Non-payment of rent is one of the most common problems that arise between tenants and landlords. Whereby a tenant refuses or doesn’t pay their rent, a landlord can give a tenant notice and wait for the tenant for a certain period of time to find a solution to the problem before they can file an eviction complaint with the Court. During this process, you will require the help of an eviction lawyer in Bronx NY.

If the tenant doesn’t find a solution to the issue complained about within the stipulated time, then an eviction complaint can be filed by the landlord in the appropriate jurisdiction Court. If the notice was served in the right order, and the filed eviction complaint meets all the law requirements, the Court may give the tenant an order to carry out under the agreement terms. Alternatively, the Court may give the tenant a certain date to move out.

If the tenant fails to carry out the order of the court or move out in the period of time given to them, the landlord can apply for an order from the Court enabling him/her to physically evict the tenant and his/her properties.

Tenant Defenses

Tenants have the right to live in a safe and comfortable property. They as well have the right to tell a landlord to repair and maintain their facility. A landlord can’t forcefully make a tenant leave, enter a business or home without permission, shut down vital services, change locks, or destroy/remove property.

If the landlord refuses to repair or maintain the property, for which it is the major responsibility of the landlord, the tenant might withhold the rent of the landlord in an escrow account. Or the tenant can take care of the maintenance and deduct the cost from the rent. But while doing so, the tenant need to inform the landlord by writing.

In situations like this, you can’t appear in Court without an eviction lawyer, so you need the help of an eviction lawyer in Bronx NY. Both as a tenant or as a landlord, a Stark Law eviction lawyer in the Bronx so they can help you in the best way possible.

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