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Brooklyn Landlord Attorney

It is common to hear of landlord-tenant issues. Many leases have the dispute resolution provision, which provides ways to solve such disputes, including mediation, arbitration, or filing a case in court.


For you to have the upper hand in a court case, you need an excellent landlord attorney. Outsourcing legal help for your case is essential as a property owner. Your attorney will ensure you get excellent legal advice to win your case.


So what makes a reasonable landlord attorney?

Five tips for choosing Brooklyn NY landlord and tenant lawyers


First things first, a qualified lawyer should have a license and a certificate for practicing law. In addition, they should be graduates from a reputable school of law.

When choosing one, be keen to get an attorney with extensive knowledge in tenant-landlord laws in your state. It would be embarrassing if the lawyer fails to support his/her argument. If they are conversant with the law, they will argue out the case with prowess.


Different legal firms charge different rates for their services. Select a reputable lawyer/firm with a reasonable term of payment.

Before settling for any landlord-tenant attorney in Brooklyn, inquire about all costs. These include billing and fee payments. Broaden your options by interviewing as many lawyers as possible. You will come across one who is good at his/her work and is reasonably priced. You should also consider the method of payment and any add-on charges.


Lawyers are always busy, and as such, you need to avoid a lawyer who is unavailable and always on the move. Preparing a case is an engaging process, and you and your lawyer need time to take part in the process. Your lawyer should have the time to guide you through the process. They should be present at all meetings and discussions and answer all your questions regarding the case.

Preceding cases

A reasonable landlord attorney should have experience. Their experience makes them more equipped to tackle your case. Ask the number of cases they have handled and won. The lawyer you choose should have experience working with both tenants and property owners. Their experience will be an added advantage to your case. Validate all this information by checking testimonials and reviews. A good landlord and tenant lawyer in Brooklyn, NY, will have positive reviews from satisfied clients.


The chances of winning a case depend on the lawyer you choose. Choose a lawyer who shows a sign of interest in your case.


If you are not comfortable with your lawyer, chances are you will not open up to give details freely. Choose a lawyer who makes you confident about winning the case. Avoid working with professionals who make you feel anxious and vulnerable.


Property owners may need a Brooklyn landlord-tenant attorney for many reasons. Choosing the best landlord attorney is essential but a tough choice for the property owner. You should be concerned in case a need arises. Do what is necessary to make an informed decision. Once you have identified several lawyers with expertise, carefully vet them individually to determine the best option.

Contact Stark Law PLLC, NY's leading landlord-tenant law firm, and request a free consultation today: 866-325-6089

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