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Housing Attorneys in NYC​

Tenant-landlord disputes are unavoidable despite the mutual benefit business relationship between them. Various reasons will lead to disagreements. In most cases, they have to do with rent, repair eviction, tenant rights, and other conflicts.


As a property owner or a tenant facing these challenges, you must understand your limits or legal implications. Ideally, lawyers and court time should be your last resort. Unfortunately, not all tenant-landlord disputes are solved by a simple conversation between the two parties.


You need to have a team that can help you with these issues. Your team should be helping you prevent or navigate expensive and legal liabilities. 

Lease Drafting

Getting off the hook as a property owner is easy with a solid lease agreement between you and your tenant. A solid lease is the best investment you can ever make. Including your concerns and the points necessary to be covered in your lease clause is paramount. The lease will be your safe way out of any court hearings and potential future problems. However, the lease is never finished, and you will need a lawyer to revise and revisit it every time a new issue arises.


Property owners face challenges such a submitting the wrong form or filling in the wrong dates. By working with an experienced professional, you will save a lot of effort, stress, and time. You will have the expertise and experience to get everything right the first time. The correct forms will be executed at the right time and accelerate the process.


Discrimination Claims

Despite a property owner following HUD guidelines for fair housing practice, you might land in the courts for discrimination. Tenants rejected through the rigorous tenant screening process tend to sue the property owner for discrimination. Lawyer up with us to resolve this kind of issue before going to a judge. It will keep you from bad business reputation and bad press.


Injury or Illness

Personal injury cases are emotional and high cases. Work with someone who knows their way around such cases and will refrain from attaching themselves to the case on personal levels to keep the emotions out of the courtroom.


Major Property Damage

Tenants can sue you for property damages due to lack of proper maintenance or damages due to bad weather. Good liability insurance should cover the damages, but you still need a lawyer if the stakes are high. It is better to have a housing attorney in NYC to coach you on this process rather than going into it alone.

Court Appearance

You might find yourself in court on the plaintiff side suing a contractor who did some shoddy work or is being sued by an ex-tenant for misuse of their security deposit. Either way, you need legal services specifically for landlords to ensure all bases are covered. Make sure that the attorney you are working with is available at all severities of the case. 

Finding a Lawyer in New York City (NYC)

Work with experienced Lawyers for tenants in New York or a Landlord representation lawyer in NYC. At Stark Law PLLC, our services include defending clients in cases involving:

  • Eviction

  • Discrimination claims

  • Landlord/tenant disputes

  • Discussing tangential issues for landlords

Please contact Stark Law PLLC, NYC's leading attorney, and request a free consultation today: 866-325-6089

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