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Fundamental Legal Responsibilities Of A Landlord Under The Landlord-Tenant Law In Bronx NY

Call 866-325-6089, the landlord-tenant law in Bronx NY is a legal blueprint that protects both the landlord and tenant.


It details the responsibilities, privileges, and obligations of landlords and tenants.


It also contains fundamental responsibilities landlords and tenants have as it concerns rented properties.


As a landlord, it is important you abide by these responsibilities.

Fundamental legal responsibilities of a landlord in Bronx NY

1) Manage the prepaid rent or security deposit of tenants

This is your most important responsibility under the landlord-tenant law in Bronx NY. A security deposit is usually the equivalent of one month's rent paid to you by your tenants. Once this deposit is paid, by law you must put the deposit in an interest-yielding account. This is not your money and should be treated as such. The truth is; the security deposit is a type of trust fund paid by your tenants. The law permits you to collect an administrative fee on the interest yielding deposit. It is important you differentiate your security deposit from rent to avoid issues.

2) Disclose certain information of the owner of rented property to a tenant

The landlord-tenant law in Bronx NY obligates you to disclose certain details of the rented property to your tenant. This obligation lies with whoever signed the rent agreement with your tenant. Under the law, you must disclose the names of either the individual or agent managing the property. You must disclose the address of either the individual or agent who will manage the property. You must disclose who will collect the rent for the property as well as those responsible for repairs. The law obligates that you disclose the channel for complaints. All these disclosures are to be written on paper for the tenant. In the event of any changes, it is your responsibility to notify your tenant. This is important as it helps your tenants to have access to the right information about you and your property.

3) Deliver the rented property to the tenant

The landlord-tenant law in Bronx NY stipulates that you deliver the rented property to your tenant. This is your responsibility or the responsibility of those who manage the rented property. This implies that you must ensure the property is vacant for your tenant to move in without issues. By law, your tenant can seek legal redress if you fail to fulfill this obligation under the law. As a landlord, you can seek legal redress if your tenant brings in a third party to live in the property. If this happens without your consent, you can seek legal redress in court.

4) Maintenance of rented property

Under the landlord-tenant law in Bronx NY, you are to maintain your rented property. This includes keeping the property safe and in good habitable conditions for your tenant. You must do the necessary repairs to keep the property in proper and good running conditions. As a landlord, you must carry out maintenance works on your rented property. If you fail to do this, you have fallen short of the law.

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