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Landlord Attorney in Brooklyn NYC​

Issues can arise between landlords and tenants in many different ways. Common landlords and tenants disputes that are solved on a regular basis are:

  • Waste

  • Wrongful evictions

  • Non-payment of rent

  • Unlawful detainer

  • Defects on the property

  • Premises liability claims

  • Wrongful termination of lease

  • Lease interpretation disagreements

  • Failure to maintain the property 

How Landlord Attorney In Brooklyn Can Help

Lawyers are experienced in different areas of landlord-tenant law and the disputes that can arise are the best ones to work with. Services included in their representation and counsel should be the following:

Drafting of Lease Agreements

You need to make your tenants sign a comprehensive lease agreement before moving onto your property if you don't want to be trapped in any nightmare. A high-quality attorney can help you prepare a lease agreement.


Tenant Removal Assistance

When a tenant isn't paying rent or is breaking the tenancy rules, you may be forced to evict that tenant. Evicting a tenant in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or any NYC borough can be complicated. Work with experienced attorneys that can help you evict tenants quickly.


Lease Deficiency Collections

The amount your tenant owes you after they have been evicted your property is known as the "lease deficiency." An attorney can help you explore your options when a tenant is owning because you have the right to receive payment.


An ejectment action involves evicting a person residing on your premises that does not have a lease agreement with you. Attorneys can help determine your rights and decide the proper action to take against the unauthorized person in possession.

Property Damages

Have an attorney help you recover any damage to your property because your tenant has no right to damage your property because it is a rental.

The laws governing rental properties in NYC can be complex and required strict compliance with the laws and regulations. Don't handle the issue alone. It is wise to confer with a landlord attorney before you take major action against your tenants.

Our Landlord Attorneys (Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan & NYC) Are With You

Stark Law PLLC is a full-service law firm dedicated to serving NYC residents and the surrounding area. Our landlord lawyers are committed to providing the best legal counsel. If you are having an issue with your tenant, our attorney in Brooklyn, Bronx Manhattan, or anywhere in NYC, we can help you get through your complex dispute and build your case.  

At Stark Law PLLC, we simplify complicated legal issues for our clients. Our landlord attorneys will guide you through your case and provide you with the vital information you need.


Whether you are a landlord renting your home out or a management company looking for legal representation, our lawyers can help. Give us a call at 866-325-6089 to schedule a consultation with NY's leading landlord-tenant law firm.

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