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Landlord Lawyer Brooklyn

Being a property owner can be a career in itself and a lucrative form of investment. Property owners with one or more rental properties should be educated when it comes to the legalities of the business. They should not keep a lawyer on retainer to consult with daily because it is not cost-effective. Such property owners weigh cost versus benefits before seeking legal services for property owners. Lawyers are expensive, but in some cases, they save you thousands of dollars. This guide will help in finding a lawyer in New York.

When you evict a tenant

When you forcibly remove a tenant from your property, the eviction remains on their records for seven years. Judges rule in favor of property owners if the tenant commits a high standard of misconduct. Eviction lawsuits are expedited, but the rules concerning eviction lawsuits are stringent.

Property owners with prior experience with eviction can successfully evict a tenant. However, unless you are an attorney, there are times when unforeseen complications can happen. A lawyer would be in a better position to manage unforeseen circumstances. If it is your first time doing an eviction, please consult a lawyer for guidance.

Even if you have done removals before, you will need a lawyer in case:

  • The tenant files for bankruptcy

  • The tenant fights and eviction and hires a lawyer for tenants in New York

  • The tenant is an employee

  • The tenant is in a state-sponsored housing program

When you are under investigation for housing discrimination

Penalties for illegal housing discrimination are steep. Other than parting with $16,000, you may be forced to pay the plaintiff for damages. If the HUD or the state investigate you, consult a lawyer to ensure all your bases are covered. If such information becomes a public record or becomes newsworthy, the property owner’s reputation may be ruined, creating issues for their business. A landlord representation lawyer in NYC will help you sort out this mess before it reaches the press.

When you are served a personal injury lawsuit

A property owner can be sued when they fail to maintain a safe and healthy residence. If a tenant is injured, they may bring in a Manhattan tenant-right lawyer for a premise liability lawsuit. The tenant has to prove that they contacted the property owner to resolve the maintenance issue. If the property owner ignored or did not do a follow-up and a resident gets hurt, the property owner will be at fault. The court will hold a property owner liable if they had prior knowledge about the safety issue. Negligence can be inferred if the safety problem could have been noted during routine maintenance. For example, if a missing or damaged railing causes an injury to a resident and the property owner was made aware, he is liable.

When you have property damage, lawsuits

If the property owner’s negligence in maintaining their property causes damage to the tenant’s property, the tenant can sue for damages. For example, if there is faulty wiring which leads to the electrical appliances of the tenant being damaged, then the property owner can be found liable. Some property owners insist that their tenants must have renters insurance covering property damage on the premises.

Please contact Stark Law PLLC, NY’s leading landlord-tenant law firm, and request a free consultation today: 866-325-6089

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