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Housing Lawyer NYC

Housing Lawyers in NYC​

The role of a housing lawyer is to provide legal representation and counsel in cases regarding real estate. They protect property owners from liabilities and may even act as mediators in resolving landlord-tenant disputes. Here are common questions our clients ask about hiring a housing lawyer in NYC.

What can I do when my landlord refuses to do repairs?

Landlords need to ensure their rented properties are well maintained. It is the responsibility of the landlord to keep the structure well maintained. In addition, the property owner should ensure the building has functioning water and heating. Tenants are advised to report property disrepair to the building manager or property owner. If your landlord does not do repairs, you can hire a lawyer and seek court orders to force them to do the repairs. Some repairs can affect your health, and in such a case, you can claim personal injury.

What do I do when my landlord threatens to evict me?

Landlords need to follow procedures if they want to evict you. Your landlord needs a court order and a bailiff eviction date before the eviction. However, the landlord can evict you only if you have breached the terms of the tenancy agreement. Please report to the police and/or your attorney if your landlord is harassing you. You can be represented in court to stop the eviction. Seek legal assistance if you have been unlawfully evicted from your property.

What Do I Do If I am Homeless?

The local council around you is mandated to assist and accommodate you if you are homeless. If you are likely to be homeless in 28 days, your local council can help. The local council provides you with a place to stay if you are vulnerable or homeless through no fault of your own. Public funding is available to assist you with housing issues. Your financial circumstances and the nature of your case are some of the factors that can qualify you for public funding.

What does a real estate transaction mean?

It is a legal process of transferring the ownership of property from one person to another. The transaction involves residential or commercial property. The value depends on the worth of the property. Buying or selling property is a complex transaction and one of the most significant transactions you will make in life. A viable attorney will guide you in the process. Before you sign, a lawyer will do a deed and title review, protect your legal rights and explain all documents. Hiring a Landlord lawyer ensures the process is quick and seamless.

What happens when a real estate dispute arises?

Disputes can happen anywhere. If you have real estate disputes, you can resolve them without needing to go to court. Attorneys use this as the first course of action. Consider litigation if you are unable to reach an out-of-court settlement. Issues that can lead to a real estate dispute include boundary issues, construction delays and defects, homeowner's association disputes, property defects, and breach of tenancy agreement contract.

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