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Landlord Tenant Attorney Manhattan

The number of people in rental properties has increased over the years. We are not just talking about households but also businesses are operating from leased or rented spaces. Although most people dream of having their commercial and residential space, it is okay to be tenants. The tenancy comes with unique benefits such as low maintenance costs and financial flexibility.

Looking For A Landlord Tenant Attorney in Manhattan

Being a tenant has its downsides, such as the landlord evicting you without a justifiable reason. Once your rights as tenants are infringed upon, do not think twice about hiring an landlord tenant attorney.

When you face discrimination

Tenant-landlord laws vary depending on the state; however, it is illegal in all states for landlords to discriminate against tenants. You should not be denied housing due to your religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, or color. Instances of discrimination happen when a tenant is looking to rent a house. Landlords require prospective tenants to make an application; yours can be rejected for a discriminatory reason. When this happens, the tenant's attorney studies the rejection letter and advises on what needs to be done. Discrimination can also happen when you are living in a rented space. If the landlord increases your rent and does not increase others, you may be a discrimination victim.

When you face eviction

The landlord may evict a tenant under specific circumstances. You can face eviction if you use the space for illegal activities or conduct business on the premises. If the property owner takes the property off the market and wants to move in, they can issue an eviction notice. If the house does not meet the health and safety regulations and can only be remedied when a tenant moves out, then the eviction is legal. Under all these circumstances, an eviction notice still needs to be issued in advance.

Your landlord may choose to force you out without a valid reason. Say you had a disagreement, and they decided to retaliate by kicking you out. Or you and your significant other recently conceived, and the landlord does not appreciate the noise that comes with a colicky newborn. No matter the situation, if you feel the eviction is unfair, you need to call a tenant attorney. Landlord-tenant attorneys in Manhattan get the landlord to drop the eviction and pursue compensation for you. Be sure to hire an attorney that specialized in your circumstances. If you are unfairly evicted from a commercial property, you will need a commercial tenant attorney.

An eviction that turns into harassment

When you have breached the contract, and your eviction is legitimate, you need to move out. The timelines vary depending on the state; however, you can get anything from 20 to 90 days. The landlord cannot force you out until the eviction notice date is due. However, it is common for landlords to use an underhand tactic to get you to move out sooner. Tactics may include turning off the water, power, or other utilities. In the event of any of these, you should consider hiring a landlord-tenant attorney.

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