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Eviction Lawyer Queens

Our experienced attorneys understand the nuances of landlord-tenant law and are here to help protect your interests.


Whether you're a landlord seeking to evict a tenant or a tenant facing an unjust eviction, our team can provide the guidance and representation you need.


With a track record of success and a commitment to personalized service, Stark Law PLLC is the right choice for all your eviction law needs. 

Shielding Your Interests: Navigating Evictions with Stark Law PLLC in Queens

Eviction is not only frustrating, but it is an expensive affair. In most cases, you will need to hire a crew to remove the tenants belonging to the property. In some states, the eviction action requires the landlord to get restitution where the sheriff is involved in the eviction. This act is expensive since the sheriff and his team are paid an extra hourly rate. Are you looking to hire landlord and tenant lawyers in Queens? 

We comprehend the residential eviction laws quite well. Our talented attorneys represent landlords and homeowners to protect their interests and resolve serious issues. We are well-versed in offering the legal guidance you require. 

We can quickly answer queries: Do I need to serve notice to quit before filing an eviction action with the court? If the tenant leaves the property behind, am I allowed to sell them? How do I recover the damage fee from tenants? What circumstances will enable me to retain the security deposit and the previous month's rent? If the tenant is judgment proof, how do I collect what is owed to me? If one of my staff damages a tenant's property during evictions, what liability do I have? What does a landlord lien mean? What does an expedited proceeding mean? How fast are eviction cases in courts handled? Who handles my legal fees if I have a civil lawsuit against a former tenant?

Discuss your eviction issues with our lawyers. We will explain your responsibilities and rights in straightforward and easy-to-understand language. Understand your obligations and rights on residential and commercial properties. No issue is too complex or too easy for us to solve.

Commercial and residential landlords undergo challenges in running their businesses, whether it is the destruction of property or overdue rent. Sometimes eviction is the only way, and getting back on your feet is evicting the tenant. The process is complex and needs adherence to specific steps. Residential and commercial tenants facing eviction or unlawfully retained security deposits also have rights. You may have to combat such issues by hiring the best landlord law firm for the job.

We handle the eviction drafting of leases, making us the go-to landlord and tenant law firms. It is well known that during evictions, emotions run high, and you may be tempted to do something; please do not. The legal ramifications may be severe, and you will undermine your interest and legal rights. Allow our firm to handle all the hard stuff for you.

We represent both tenants and landlords, have experience in various cases, and are familiar with the issue both sides face. Our unique perspective allows us to offer clients an effective solution to landlord-tenant law issues. Trust us to provide you with the appropriate legal guidance to ensure you comply with the law.

Every landlord needs to understand their obligations and that of the tenants. We assist landlords review and drafting leases ensuring the terms are updated and enforceable. As a tenant, before you take any legal action, it is essential to understand your tenants rights and responsibilities.

Stark Law PLLC is one of the leading eviction lawyers in New York. Please contact our office today at 718-792-1200 for a free consultation.

Please Contact Stark Law PLLC, NY's leading landlord-tenant law firm, and request a free consultation today

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